But how do you do it with your kids?


Learn how to teach your children three different morning time subjects the entire family can enjoy together

Morning Time Methods Mini-Training

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This mini-training series will help you:

  • Learn how to combine all your kids for activities and accomplish more together.
  • Gain the peace of giving your kids truth, goodness, and beauty before carrying on with other academic work.
  • Inspire kids who are excited to share their memorization and who love learning about poetry, music, and art.

And the entire time we keep it real. My spontaneous, wiggly kids and I show you step-by-step how we do Morning Time in our home.


Never stress over teaching poetry again!

Bring delight to your homeschool day with easy poetry lessons with your kids saying, “This is fun!”

This 12-minute mini-class includes:

  • Why teaching poetry matters.
  • Ideas for where to find poems your kids will love.
  • The exact steps you can take (and all the ones you don’t need to worry about) to teach a successful poetry lesson.
  • A printable of questions you can ask to have a delightful conversation.

Memorize anything with the Memory Palace Technique

Discover the ancient method of memorizing quickly so your kids can learn more with less effort!

In this video you will:

  • Learn what the Memory Palace is and how it has been helping scholars memorize for centuries.
  • See the technique in action as Olivia and I demonstrate how we do it in our own home.
  • Download the handy step-by-step procedure guide to keep in your homeschool binder.

How to do a Geography Drill

Memorize geographical information in just minutes a day with this easy technique.

This 9-minute mini-class includes:

  • Materials you need to make geography drills a success.
  • The simple steps for learning the geographical places and features of the continents.
  • How to adapt the lesson for reluctant writers and little kids.

Morning Time Methods Mini Training

Get access to all three videos sent straight to your inbox.